Whitening turmeric + lemon DIY facial mask. Beautify with turmeric and heal …

Whitening turmeric + lemon DIY facial mask. With beautifying turmeric and healing manuka honey, this mask is perfect for acne-prone skin to balance the skin tone and rejuvenate the radiance. Helps to preserve moisture and a radiant complexion! #WrinklesOnHands #FacialMasksDiy Source by charcoalfacemaskrecipe

Amazing DIY Whitening Face Wash for Acne, Dry, Normal Skin in Urdu / Hindi

Hello Beautiful, Welcome back to my channel. Today I share with you how to use Face Wash for your skin type at home. We can do Whitening Face Wash, Acne Clearing Face Wash, Moisturizing Face Wash and many more. So make your personal face wash instead of buying it. These are 100% effective and organic. […]